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QWIKboard is a truly unique, professionally dazzling, clutter-less, high performance interactive-demo-storytelling-whiteboard platform. FREE 30-day PREMIUM FEATURES.

How QWIKboard whiteboard works across all device


Our customers simply love our work. Nothing to say but good words.

Amazing meets Technical Marketing. I can't wait to see what this team comes out with next!

QWIKboard reduces the amount of time it takes for me to give a demo and get a signature.

All of my peers want to know how I'm giving such amazing demo's. QWIKboard is my secret.

This is the illustrious Leslie N.

Leslie N.

This tool is the bomb. I thought we were already killing it, but this made our Hockey Stick Explode!

There is the Myopic Mediocrity of the sales opportunity lifecycle. Then there is this. I am now a secret weapon.

Technical Marketing

Use your iPad or any other digital pencil/touch enabled device as a drawing tool with QWIKboard’s seamless tablet & multi-device integration in real-time. This is how we tell stories and give amazing demos.

Solution Architects

Solution your designs and concepts interactively.

Sales Engineers

Can't argue with an awesome looking diagram in front of your customers.

Agile Developers

Build stories visually, then push them into dev.

Story Telling

Tell amazing stories interactively for inbound and outbound campaigns.

Speaker Circuit

Dazzle the audience live in-person or over web conferences. The audience will think you are a freaking genius. Trust us!


Never lose the attention and engagement of your students again.
Cross Platform Compatibility
QWIKboard is a virtual whiteboard on all devices
Fast and Easy

Seamless across devices

Agent-less compatibility with all web-browsers. Share your QWIKboard's with everyone on the team for real-time interactive collaboration.

QWIKboard is a virtual whiteboard on all social platforms
Social Sharing

Instant social sharing

Instantly share your QWIKboard's across social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Invite friends and colleagues to write on your board remotely.

QWIKboard virtual white board can be used with Lightboards
Premium Feature


QWIKboard was made to work with Lightboards for an amazing experience for all in attendance. QWIKboard + Lightboard = "HOLY **** WOW!"

the QWIKboard white board can be used interactively
AWS | Google Cloud | Azure | On-Premise

Cloud Engineering

Pull up your latest cloud or on-premise network diagram and collaborate in real-time with the team or customers.

QWIKboard is a virtual whiteboard on all devices
Interactive MEME Collaboration

MEME With Friends

MEMEs are being used for marketing. QWIKboard is perfect for getting remote colleagues to interactively MEME with you.

Amazing Demos
Cool Factor

Slides are Dead

QWIKboard's are in. Build your artwork, place it into QWIKboard, tell amazing stories and collaborate with your audience.

Product Shots
Product Shots


Kick the old clunky hardware to the curb. QWIKboard is a much easier to use TELEstrator, SaaS Browser Based and OpEX Friendly!


Elegant, flexible, fast and easy - at the perfect price point

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Magic Pencil
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NEON Colors
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Unlimited Colors
Unlimited Boards
Unlimited Canvas
Fadebook Sharing
LinkedIn Sharing
Place Image
Zoom in/out
Free Draw
Text, Type

Everything in Crawl+


$2.99per month

Palette on/off
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Open Saved
Geometric Shapes
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Everything in Walk+


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Stealth Mode
Uber Stealth Mode
Vanity URLs
Full Spectrum Backgrounds
Custom Chroma-Key Backgrounds
Timestamped History
Auto Save
Auto Archive
Unlimited Storage
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Every account starts with a free 30-day trial!

Run your next QWIK session interactively with your team, remotely.